Cari-bow Features & Options

Handmade & Custom Bows:  Performance.  Durability.  Beauty.

Face Overlays

On standard face overlays you will get 3 layers; a layer of black glass; a second layer of accent wood and the top layer is generally the same as the riser wood.  Premium overlays use the same 3 layer arrangement, and are available in attractive arrow or scalloped design.

Close up of Marblewood riser and Quilted Maple limbs.Premium scalloped point overlay

Cocobolo riser blends with curly maple limbsScalloped overlay with beaver grip

A custom Cari-bow Tuktu recurve with arrow point riser.Premium arrow point overlay with beaver grip

Featherhorn longbow with Bocite riser and Walnut limbs.Standard 3 layer face overlay

Standard & Premium Risers

Risers are available as a single wood “standard” riser, or with “premium” variations of shape and layers.  All have in common a pistol  style grip, and in all models a thumb rest is incorporated unless otherwise specified.

Premium versions such as the "flare riser" usually have two contrasting woods to give an attractive pattern.

The “diamond series” premium riser uses one selection of wood in a diamond shape.  Ebony is a popular choice for this option.

Standard Riser (Pau Ferro)

Premium Riser (Wenge-Cocobolo)

Premium Flared Riser (Cocobolo-Ebony)

Premium Riser (Shedua-Bocote)

Standard w/ Grip (Goncalo Alves)

Premium Flared Riser (Pau Ferro-Myrtle)

Premium Diamond Riser (Marblewood- Bocote)

Custom Wood Burning


Custom woodburning of deer on limb of Cari-bow longbow.

I do the wood burning  by hand on the last lamination before gluing up the bow, and it is usually an animal or item of interest that the archer prefers to have on his/her limb to show of a successful hunt or just a symbol they like.


A Bald Eagle woodburning adorns a Bocote limbed longbow.

Front view of Whitetail Deer woodburning on Cari-bow custom longbow.


Custom Antler Inlays

Antler on bow limb



Limb Construction

Closeup of action boo core on custom recurve bow from Cari-bow


In the limbs I use a blend of compound tapering, which  gives excellent performance and  low hand shock.  These bows can throw arrows at very respectable speeds- sometimes surpassing the performance of carbon limb bows.  In addition, they are whisper silent and almost totally still in the hand after the shot.  Experienced hunters know that a silent bow can avoid alerting animals, allowing a second shot.  Cari-bow limbs  come with  a standard Action Boo Core. Other cores could be incorporated.  The images here show Action Boo Core laminated with Chechen, Tamo Ash, and Western Yew.

Spliced limbs on Tuktu recurve bow from Cari-bow.This Tuktu EX takedown recurve has Chechen, Tamo Ash and Western Yew wood in a spliced limb design.

Static Tips- The “Secret Sauce” for a smooth, whisper quiet release.

Close up of static recurve tip.Compound tapered limbs provide excellent performance, but Cari-bow recurves have another feature to enhance speed and smoothness. At first it seems a contradiction, because with increased speed and draw weight there is usually an increase in shock and noise.  A static tip refers to the end of a recurve limb that flexes very little, or not at all.  It lends to a strong draw weight early in the pull, and on release, the string “rolls” along the tip, becoming whisper quiet.

Close up of bolt for custom 3 piece takedown Cari-bow Taiga recurve.

Takedown Technology

A solid 2 piece fiberglass mold is concealed beneath a black beaver tail grip.

In addition to one piece longbows and recurves, Cari-bow offers 3 piece and 2 piece takedown models.  I have tested these takedowns and find them to be very close to the original one piece versions in terms of strength.  If you have a need to pack your longbow or recurve in a tight space, don’t hesitate to select a takedown model.  They give the performance of a one piece and you will have the advantage of easier packing!

The 3 piece connecting area can also be decorated with the arrow design.  Click here to see more custom bow options.

Epoxy Protective Coating

Each Cari-bow is given a series of 6 to 8 Epoxy coatings.  This, along with the moisture resistant qualities of the fiberglass used in the limbs, gives a handmade bow that is beautiful and highly weather resistant.  Don’t be afraid to follow in the footsteps of hunters who have endured extreme temperatures and extended outings in rain and snow with their Cari-bows.  When not in use, the Cari-bow should be unstrung and stored in a cool dry area.



Exceptional Craftsmanship

Minimal Vibration & Hand Shock

Unique Limb Design = Extra Power Early In Draw

Superior Accuracy

Each Bow Is One Of A Kind

Proven Rugged In Frozen Tundra & Tropics

Weather Resistant