Tuning And Maintenance Of Your Cari-bow

Thank you for purchasing a Cari-bow. My design has been proven over many years of hunting and shooting 3-D. I have put many hours of care and craftsmanship into your bow. With proper tuning and maintenance you should have a life time of joy shooting and hunting with one of my bows. The following are important points to remember:


*Store bow in cool/dry place when not in use.


*Always use a stringer. (recurve or longbow)


*When not in use, unstring and store bow resting on both limbs or riser.

Updated December 26, 2019

*Brace height is 7 ½ – 8″ on recurves

7 - 7 1/2" - Taiga EX recurve

7 - 7 1/2" Tuktu EX one piece recurve

6 ¾ – 7″ on longbows Tundra Wolf and Featherhorn

7 – 7 ¼” -Silver Fox longbow

7¼” - 7 1/2" Peregrine longbow

7" -7¼ -Wolverine longbow

7 to 7 ¼” – Slynx longbow

7" - 7 1/4" Amisk Longbow

Note: Brace height is the measurement between the smallest part of the grip to the string.


*Nocking point is 5/8″ above shelf on recurves and 9/16″ above shelf on longbows.

*Note both brace height and nocking point may change for some shooters because of differences in shooting style.

*To have your leather rest last longer, orientate your feathers at 12, 4, 8 o’clock. This way the quill of your feathers doesn’t run on the leather rest. Otherwise it may cut up your rest prematurely. I think this is always a good idea with or without a leather rest.

*With take-down recurves or longbows keep the riser lubricated between layers to prevent noise.


Happy Shooting,

Abe Penner