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One Ingredient To A Great Recurve Bow

If there is a “secret sauce” to making a great handmade recurve bow, it would have to revolve around the limb structure.  I’ve been field testing recurve hunting bows for years, and even won myself a few gold medals in national competitions.  Some of my latest recurve bows  incorporate static tips, which bring more power early in the draw,  while quieting the bow and reducing hand shock. How can a static tip do that?  The stiffness brings the power early in the draw, and because the curve does not “flatten out” at full draw, the string rolls along the tip quietly instead of “slapping” the limb when released.

Tuktu EX Static tip recurve at draw.

Tuktu EX Static tip recurve at draw.

Tuktu Recurve Bow

The Tuktu handmade recurve  bow was built with high performance in mind, yet it remains among the quietest and smoothest of bows available anywhere, at any price.   The Tuktu is sure to meet the needs of any hunter in a variety of terrain and weather conditions.  Overlays are added to the riser with attention given to color and form. These same woods are also sandwiched between layers of synthetic fibre to create an attractive tip.  This handmade beauty is available in 60 and 62 inch lengths.

I have recently introduced a two piece version of the Tuktu, and it performs equally well, with the the added benefit of storing easily in tight spaces.

Custom Tuktu Recurves

You can also see what a custom recurve bow package would look like (including the Tuktu model) by clicking here.  You can use the custom bow calculator to select different wood combinations and features.  You can use the submit button to send the details if you wish…Thanks for considering Cari-bow.

Taiga EX Recurve Bow

The Taiga EX recurve bow has s a newly design Taiga riser. I re-designed the original Taiga 3 piece bow to a better functioning bow.  The dimensions and length of the riser has not changed from the Taiga standard riser, but the profile has! The riser is stronger, giving it more longevity. The riser better accommodates the making of extra limbs. The “EX” refers to the radical design static tips. The Taiga EX is great performing and great shooting! The core consists of bamboo along with a stabilizing agent, adding quality veneers for cosmetics. The premium taiga riser enhances the beauty of the bow with an insert of different wood and give it more contrast.

Strung and unstrung Taiga EX