Cari-bow Custom Recurve & Longbows

Welcome to the custom bow calculator section of Cari-bow. Each of the 5 pages linked to below has a calculator so you can choose different options and features. The “total” box immediately updates automatically, so you can see what the total package would be. If you uncheck an item, it is automatically deducted from the number in the “total” box.

When you are ready to contact Cari-bow about ordering a custom bow, simply fill out the details and hit the submit button. After pressing “submit” we both receive a copy of your custom choices. At the same time, you can make a down payment or even full payment if you’d rather do that. If you’d rather not make a payment after hitting the submit button, just leave the payment page. We will both receive a copy of the choices you selected, and can be in communication by e-mail or phone.

QUESTIONS?  Please call Abe at 204-822-3886

Click on the blue links below to use the calculator for those models!


Custom Traditional Longbows

These bows retain the shape that so many people associate with a longbow.  They are available in 1 piece or as a two piece takedown model.

Custom Hybrid Longbows

A hybrid longbow incorporates a reflex-deflex design that is more pronounced than the classic “D” shaped longbow.  They are available in one piece, or two piece takedowns.

Custom 3 Piece Longbows

When storage is an issue or if you just prefer a 3 piece take-down bow, these longbows are worth checking out.

Custom Recurve Bows

The Cari-bow recurve bows pack everything you’d expect into a package that is not only functionally superior, but is a working piece of art.  They are available in 1 Piece or as a 2 piece takedown.

Custom 3 Piece Recurve Bows

If you are tight on storage space, the 3 piece recurves may be what you need.  They do not lose any performance characteristics,  and the designs are very attractive.