Handmade Longbows From Cari-bow

Traditional Longbows


 Featherhorn Traditional Longbow

Some of my earliest success came with handmade longbows, and they still remain very popular. Years ago I used one of the first reflex-deflex limb designs, and continue to field test variations today that will produce the power to throw a heavy arrow and remain shock free. In hunting situations a silent bow is a great asset, so I take that into account also with each Cari-bow longbow design.

Featherhorn Longbow from Cari-bow

The Cari-bow Featherhorn has helped David Bryce win 5 Gold and 2 Bronze medals in traditional archery competition!


Hybrid Longbows


Peregrine Hybrid Longbow

The name comes from the fastest diving birds! The “Peregrine” is a hybrid longbow with a radically reflexed limb design. The design has evolved from the “Snowbird” which was also a fast bow. The Peregrine boasts speed of over 200 ft. per sec. A.M.O. at a brace height of 7 1/4″. All this with a silky smooth draw up to 30″. The Peregrine is dead in the hand, even with light arrows such as 9 or less grains per lb. The length of 62″ performs well.

"Quiet and shock free are understatements when describing how the bow shoots ….The Peregrine is quite possibly the last bow you will buy"... -Pete Ward

Strung and unstrung Peregrine hybrid longbow.

Slynx Hybrid Longbow

The Slynx Longbow is 60″ long, and is available as a one piece or two piece take-down. It has the same limb design as the Peregrine and Wolverine, and is ideal for shooters who have a longer draw length than the Wolverine, but desire a more compact bow than the Peregrine.

Full length view of the 60" Cari-bow Slynx hybrid longbow, weighing in at 52 pounds with a 28" draw.  The draw force curve for this bow shows no stacking when it is drawn out to 30".  It remains quiet in the hand after the release.  If your frame is larger and you draw out to 30", the Slynx will throw your 450gr arrow at close to 200 feet per second.  Check for availability here, or give Abe a call at 204-822-3886.

Wolverine Hybrid Longbow

Has this happened to you? You’re in a hunting blind, the animal is almost in view, and you find your bow is just a little too long! After many requests and my own desire to make a short longbow to shoot out of a blind and still maintain good presentation, I came up with new model; the 58″ Wolverine. How did I come up with the design? I like the design and performance of the Peregrine longbow. I wanted to maintain those same characteristics. I used the same limb profile and established a shorter riser. The Wolverine maintains performance equal to the Peregrine, plus reducing the noise level. The sight window is cut past center and has the ability to cast both light and heavy arrows. The Wolverine is smooth shooting up to 29″ in draw. It derives its name from the sleek, outwitting wolverine animal. It packs a bigger punch than its size represents. Why a Wolverine ? It’s easy to pack, lightweight, has great esthetics, and is optimal in speed. The Wolverine has an action boo core; with options of your choice of woods, diamond series riser, 2 piece take-down, wood burning and antler.  The images in this section show a Wolverine riser with Marblewood and Bacote.

Hybrid Longbow from Cari-bow

Amisk Hybrid Longbow

The Amisk Longbow is 64″ long, and is available as a one piece or two piece take-down.  It has the same performance as the Peregrine. The riser is the same as the Peregrine, but the limbs come off the riser at a slightly different angle. It’s good to 31″ of draw and beyond. This is it’s advantage! It also can be shot at a slightly lower brace height. I also believe it’s slightly quieter than the Peregrine.  The Amisk riser shown in this section is made with Black and White Ebony.  The strung and unstrung Amisk was made with red and dark Cocobolo.

Amisk Longbow from Cari-bow

I have owned and shot most of the custom bows out there, but they don’t compare to the speed, dependability, and craftsmanship of a Cari-bow. My favorite hunting models are the Wolverine and Silver Fox. ”         -Darren Shipp

3 Piece Longbows

Silver Fox 3 Piece Takedown Longbow

The Silver Fox Takedown Longbow was created to be versatile and smooth. This 3 piece longbow can have one or two choices of wood in the riser. The standard model has one choice of wood. The smaller recurve type handle allows a firm fit in your hand. From extensive testing, I can say that the strength of a Cari-bow takedown is very close to that of a one piece unit. Both exhibit the strength to withstand shock, weather, and pull weights far beyond normal use. The Silver Fox is designed to give the top notch performance, 3 piece convenience, While retaining the beauty of a traditional longbow. The Silver Fox 3 piece take-down longbow is available in 60, 62, or 64 inch lengths.