Here are some of the medals and awards Mike Orlic has won using his Cari-bow Taiga recurve bow. Mike is also an avid hunter, and puts his Cari-bow to good use in the field. The photos above include a plaque from the Delaware State IBO Championship fo 3D competition, and a gold trophy for his accomplishment in the National Field Archery Association Outdoor Championships.



“My Tundra Wolf is fast shooting, accurate and smooth.

I own several bows and this is by far my favourite.”

-Bob Dryden, The Glades, NB

[Bob took silver in the 2013 National Canadian 3D Championships in Woodstock with the Tundra Wolf.]

“I received my Peregrine bow in April 2012. When I saw the bow I immediately loved it. After a few practice rounds I noticed that my accuracy and scores were better, in fact the scores increased by 50 points. The bow is beautifully handcrafted, fast, no hand shock and very smooth shooting.”

-Trudy Dryden, The Glades, NB

[Trudy took gold in the 2013 National Canadian 3D Championships in Woodstock with the Peregrine.]

“Quiet and shock free are understatements when describing how the bow shoots. The thumb rest is standard on the Peregrine, providing you with a consistent and repeatable grip every time you pick up the bow.

There is lots of early draw weight and it draws very smoothly without stacking to 30”, shoots dead in the hand, and is whisper quiet and vibration free. Hunting with the Peregrine is like having 5 extra pounds of draw weight that you do not have to pull.

It shoots with the top performers out there thru the chronograph and it backs this up with a silent shock free shot.

I have carried and shot this bow in sun, rain, sleet, snow and -25 deg. temperatures.  I cannot find a fault with it. The Peregrine is quite possibly the last bow you will buy.

-Pete Ward from his review of the Cari-bow Peregrine. You can click here to read the entire review!

“For the past 20 years I have been shooting and hunting with a Cari-bow custom bow. Throughout those years I have owned about 15 Cari-bows, and have harvested some great Pope & Young animals with them. My favorite hunting model is the Wolverine and Silver Fox.

I have owned and shot most of the custom bows out there, but they don’t compare to the speed, dependability, and craftsmanship of a Cari-bow.”

-Darren Shipp

“I have shot a Cari-bow Featherhorn both hunting and competition, local and National since 2002. Both on the 3D course and hunting camps around Canada & the U.S. my Cari-bow is instantly recognized and commented on. All the Traditional archers that I met at the IBO (International Bowhunter’s Organization) at West Virginia 2004 wanted to “see it” “hold it” (that is traditional archer speak for drool over it). I forcefully informed everyone it was not for sale but I even let one or two shoot it. The consensus of everyone was that it was a piece of art “very smooth”.

I shot the IBO 2004 ending up in the top ten.  I won 5 National Gold medals 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2 bronze 2002, 2003 using my 54″ 50# Featherhorn with yew limbs, the sweetest shooter of the four Cari-bows that I own.

I can’t say enough about the virtues of the Cari-bow. I have never used another bow for hunting since I acquired my first Featherhorn; I have shot many deer, multiple small animals a record black bear and a very respectable bull moose. I shot the moose while on the ground, once at 45 yds and once at 65 yds both were pass through’s. That speaks very well for the capability of my long bow... That’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!"

-Dave Bryce