Understanding Draw Force Curves

extra energy shown in a draw force curve
The yellow area above the baseline shows the extra energy that is stored in a recurve or reflex-deflex design.

One of the biggest buzz word phrases in archery is “draw force curves”.   If you have interest in what a draw force curve is, and how to interpret one, you might want to check out my page on the topic here.  I really enjoy using a bow that handles well, packs a lot of energy to the arrow, and still shoots smoothly.  I have avoided making bows that simply throw arrows at a high velocity, in favor of designs that will shoot smoothly with minimum noise.  I find these bows to be just as efficient as the “power bows” and they are a joy to shoot.  You don’t need a degree in physics to understand a draw force curve, so please check the page out if you have interest!  I think you’ll have a little more understanding about what your fellow archers are aiming for.