Takedown Feature for Cari-bow Tuktu Recurve Bow

Takedown pieces.
A fiberglass mold preserves all the strength and performance on the Tuktu EX.

The Cari-bow Tuktu EX recurve is now available as a 2 piece take down model!  The Tuktu has been performing great as a one piece, and the 2 piece option will give you more ability to carry it in tight places.  You can view some of the photos of the Cari-bow takedown mechanism by clicking the links below.  Another image of the two piece take down mechanism can be seen on the Cari-bow home page.  More photos of the Tuktu can be seen on the handmade recurve bow page.  You can also check our inventory page for Tuktu’s on hand and ready to ship!