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New Custom Bow Calculator

We’ve put up some calculator pages to make it easier to see what our custom bow packages look like.  The Calculator is simple to use. Just check off the feaures you would like to have for your custom recurve or longbow, and the total price appears in the box near the bottom.  The totals are automatically adjusted also when you deselect an item.  Go ahead a try it by clicking here or just look for the “custom orders” link at the top of every page.

When you’ve narrowed down your choices you can hit the submit button and get a copy of the details in your e-mail.  Cari-bow will get a copy also, and we can communicate  if you have further questions.  We hope this new tool helps you in the decision making process!

Understanding Draw Force Curves

One of the biggest buzz word phrases in archery is “draw force curves”.   If you have interest in what a draw force curve is, and how to interpret one, you might want to check out my page on the topic here.  I really enjoy using a bow that handles well, packs a lot of energy to the arrow, and still shoots smoothly.  I have avoided making bows that simply throw arrows at a high velocity, in favor of designs that will shoot smoothly with minimum noise.  I find these bows to be just as efficient as the “power bows” and they are a joy to shoot.  You don’t need a degree in physics to understand a draw force curve, so please check the page out if you have interest!  I think you’ll have a little more understanding about what your fellow archers are aiming for.

Cari-bow Reviews & Testimonials!

cari-bow reviews show gold medal and champion hunters

Trudy & Bob Dryden Take Home The Gold & Silver With Cari-bow’s!

What do our customers have to say about Cari-bow recurves and longbows?

Please visit the Cari-bow reviews and testimonials page here to find out!

If you’d like to be included on the page, please let us know of your experience

or success in the field.  Photos are also greatly appreciated!

Cari-bow Website Update!

We are sending best wishes to everyone for 2014!  We’ve been busy making some changes in our website and hope you find it fun to visit.  The Success Stories Page has been updated and is  easier to use.  We had a houseful of family for the holidays, yet Abe managed to finish a few new Tuktu recurve takedown models.  You can visit the current inventory pages by clicking here.  We hope all the images give you a better idea of what the bows look like.  Abe also spent some time trying new photographic techniques- enjoy!  One of the best things about this website update is the home page.  It should be easier to navigate to other parts of the site now!

Takedown Feature For Tuktu Recurve Bow

The Cari-bow Tuktu recurve is now available as a 2 piece take down model!  The Tuktu has been performing great as a one piece, and the 2 piece option will give you more ability to carry it in tight places.  You can view some of the photos of the Cari-bow takedown mechanism by clicking the links below.  Another image of the two piece take down mechanism can be seen on the Cari-bow home page.  More photos of the Tuktu can be seen on the handmade recurve bow page.  You can also check our inventory page for Tuktu’s on hand and ready to ship!


Tuning And Maintenance Of Your Caribow

Thank you for purchasing a Cari-bow. My design has been proven over many years of hunting and shooting 3-D. I have put many hours of care and craftsmanship into your bow. With proper tuning and maintenance you should have a life time of joy shooting and hunting with one of my bows. The following are important points to remember:


*Store bow in cool/dry place when not in use.


*Always use a stringer. (recurve or longbow)


*When not in use, unstring and store bow resting on both limbs or riser.


*Brace height is 7 ½ – 8″ on recurves


6 ¾ – 7″ on longbows Tundra Wolf and Featherhorn


7 – 7 ¼” -Silver Fox longbow


7 ¼” -Peregrine longbow


6¾”-7¼ -Wolverine longbow


7 to 7 ¼” – Slynx longbow


Note: Brace height is the measurement between the smallest part of the grip to the string.


*Nocking point is 5/8″ above shelf on recurves and 9/16″ above shelf on longbows.

*Note both brace height and nocking point may change for some shooters because of differences in shooting style.

*To have your leather rest last longer, orientate your feathers at 12, 4, 8 o’clock. This way the quill of your feathers doesn’t run on the leather rest. Otherwise it may cut up your rest prematurely. I think this is always a good idea with or without a leather rest.

*With take-down recurves or longbows keep the riser lubricated between layers to prevent noise.


Happy Shooting,

Abe Penner