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Handmade Longbows For Sale


New inventory longbows!

Bow NameR/L HandDraw Weight / LengthDescriptionPrice
WolverineRH41#@28" 58"Shedua/Wenge riser, Imbuya burl limbs, scalloped point overlay$1090
WolverineRH53#@28" 58"Bocote/Wenge riser, Bocote limbs, scalloped point overlay$1090
WolverineRH55#@28" 58" Chechen riser, quilted maple limbs, scalloped point overlay$1015
SlynxRH44#@28" 60"Black & White Ebony /Ebony riser, Black & White ebony limbs, scallooed point overlay$1190
SlynxRH54#@28" 60" Bocote/marblewood Flared riser, Olive Ash burl limbs, face point overlay$1065
SlynxRH50#@28" 60"2 piece take down, Bubinga riser, Curly sepale limbs, scalloped point overlay, beaver tail wrap $1215
PeregrineLH45#@28" 62"Cocobolo riser, Cocobolo limbs, scalloped point overlay$1115
Slynx [SOLD!]RH40#@28" 60"Cocobolo/Ebony riser, Cocobolo limbs, Scalloped point overlay$1190 {SOLD!]
PeregrineRH45#@28" 62"Cocobolo/Wenge riser, Carpathian Elm burl limbs, scalloped point overlay$1190
PeregrineRH50#@28" 62"Bocote/Wenge riser, Bocote limbs, Scalloped point overlay$1090
Peregrine [SOLD!]RH52#@28" 62"Shedua/Wenge riser, Myrtle burl limbs, Scalloped point overlay$1090 [SOLD!]
AmiskRH47#@28" 64"Chechen/Wenge riser, Crema Etimoe limbs, scalloped point overlay$1090
AmiskRH46#@28" 64"One piece Shedua/Wenge flared riser, Walnut Crotch limbs, scalloped point overlay, now has beaver tail wrap$1150
Silver Fox [SOLD!]RH52#@28" 62"Cocobolo/Ebony riser, Cocobolo limbs, Limb wedge caps, Swirl on limb butt, Scalloped point overlay$1435 [SOLD!]
Silver Fox [SOLD!]RH 45#@28" 62"3 piece take down longbow, Bocote/Wenge riser, Bocote limbs, limb wedge caps, scalloped point overlay, Swirl on limb butt$1435 [SOLD!]
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